Amazing Chinese League of Legends Champion Artwork

League of Legends has been the most played game in the world for the past few years. With over 30 million registered players its popularity has skyrocketed and more and more gamers are discovering this amazing game. LoL features over 100 playable champions and each of them has additional purchasable skins.

The artwork for all these skins is created by Riot Games‘ designers, but what’s especially interesting are splash arts from the Chinese game client. They are often quite different and more appealing, so below I’ve made my selection of the best Chinese splash artwork. You can find hundreds more on Leaguesplash as well so if the ones I selected aren’t to your liking be sure to head on over to the site and check out more.

Please note the image copyrights are owned by Riot Games. You can read their full legal disclaimer to find out how you can use these images.

All of these splash arts are in wallpaper resolution: 1920×1080. You can click on a particular image to view it in full size.

Fortunately you don’t even have to be a League of Legends player to appreciate the quality of this artwork, so I hope some of it will find your way as your desktop background. Don’t forget to check out to find more champion artwork from the Chinese League of Legends client.